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About Us

We are a Finnish origin company serving customers and organizations regardless location, field or size. We are a small and flexible customer oriented company. Our focus is on you and we get things done and will deliver what is agreed.

LeanEHS is owned by Jukka Hirvi who has 10 years experience working in the field of Environment, Health and Safety in global companies in various industry sectors. These companies include a safety critical organization in a military industry and a global multi-industrial company in the field of industry refrigeration, construction and facility management.

The owner has a Masters of Science degree in Occupational Safety Engineering. This background combined to an extensive and versatile hands-on working experience makes a combination where all companies in various fields can improve their EHS performance when using our services.

It is not how much creating a safer work environment may cost you, it is how much it will save you. We are able to work in a very cost proficiency and professional way to ensure you will gain those savings with reasonable cost.