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We are providing professional environment, health and safety consulting services to all organizations. Planning the approach to health and safety is a good business practice and essential in preventing adverse outcomes. We will assist your organization with EHS strategies and planning to achieve effective policies, objectives and targets.

We deliver and develop methods which will suit especially your organization. The methods are lean, easily implemented, flexible and effective. Those methods are not only enhancing your safety performance but can be valuable addings to support your business and operational performance. Enhanced safety performance and lean Health and Safety Management system can be a valuable resource to build a better company image in the eyes of your customers. We can help you to make your advanced safety culture a real marketing value for your internal and external customers.

We will ensure that your organization´s environment, health and safety methods are legally compliant with the country legislation. We may also help you to create legally required documentation such as emergency and evacuations plans, risk assessments, safety instructions etc. We can support you if you need assistance in your contracts and need to develop EHS clauses which will protect your business and employees.

Health and Safety Management System

We can offer to develop for your company an entire Health and Safety Management system or enhance existing processes and procedures. Carrying out an audit to your current Health and Safety Management system is an effective way to find out the development needs and how to improve them. Implementation of management system requires good procedures and ongoing focus. We will provide you simple and efficient solutions that are cost effective and will make a difference to your business performance. We will help you to ensure that your Health and Safety Management system is compliant with OHSAS 18001 and legislation.

We will help you to build EHS Policy, generate leading and lagging indicators which can be the basics of your key performance indicators, develop processes and procedures, refine your incident investigation procedure and risk assessments, define roles and responsibilities and train you to implement plan-do-check-act cycle to your EHS operations according to OHSAS 18001.

Risk Management

We are competent to build you a new risk management process or to further develop the existing one. If you need to create risk assessments regarding your job tasks and work environment we can deliver hands on training and assistance to complete effective risk assessments. Due to our training your employees are able to create independently the risk assessments. We can provide you the risk assessment forms and methods which will meet most conveniently to your operational and business needs.