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Safety Culture

We are able to carry out Safety Culture evaluation and Safety Climate surveys to find out where you are and where you should focus to take your organization to the next level on a safety culture maturity model.

Cultures most commonly are defined as common practices, shared attitudes and perceptions that influence behavioral choices at work. Safety culture captures the notion that the values, attitudes and behaviors among workers at a company, with regards to how they think and act towards safety, can have a significant impact on the company’s safety performance.

To transform an organization into one capable of sustaining excellent performance in safety, quality and other operational areas, it is ideal to begin by assessing the current climate and culture. After all, it often is said, “A culture is how we do things around here”.

Safety Climate Survey

Safety climate survey provides a way to measure what workers think about safety culture in their company at a given point in time. Safety climate refers to workers’ shared perceptions of their company’s and their leaders’ approach to safety and it provides a focus point to make changes to improve safety.

Whatever the industry you work in or the size of your organisation, the Safety Climate Survey gives you an objective measure of your safety culture - the 'way things are done' in your organisation when it comes to health and safety - as the starting point for improvement.

Using a simple questionnaire, the Safety Climate Surveys explores your employees' attitudes and perceptions in key areas of health and safety. Safety Climate Survey includes result analysis and consultation on measures your organisation can take to overcome shortcomings and improve your organisation's safety culture.